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Kundalini Yoga enables you to control your muscles and regulate the breath. It trains you to focus the mind with clarity and frees the consciousness from the hindrances of self-doubt and insecurity. We use the breath, mantra and mudra(hand gestures) as tools on kundalini yoga for maximum benefit. It helps boost your immune system and strengthens your nervous system to help you through challenging times


  • Strong immune system

  • Strong nervous system

  • Vital glands

  • Good circulation

  • Expanded lung capacity

  • Strong core

  • Increased flexibility

  • Inner guidance

  • Protection from negativity

  • Emotional balance and neutral mind

  • Deep healing relaxation

  • Stress alleviation

Mala was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the UK in 1988. She worked at the Hammersmith Hospital as a microbiologist for 5 years and then gave it up to start a family. Since then she attended quite a few vocational courses and finally came across reflexology in 1998. She followed this up by learning Reiki and Indian Head Massage.

In 2000 she walked into her first Kundalini Yoga class and her life has never been the same since.

She feels very passionate about the reflexology and Kundalini Yoga because she has seen the benefits it has had on her students and clients. Her personal experience has been her driving force. She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when she suffered chronic fatigue. Diligently practicing Kundalini Yoga and receiving regular reflexology resulted in her thyroid levels going back to normal. She is now able to offer her experience and knowledge to all her students and clients.

Kundalini Yoga In The Yurt

An opportunity to experience kundalini yoga in an amazing yurt set on a farm with beautiful surroundings.
The kundalini is your energy at the base of the spine and we tap into that energy to bring harmony within the body.
It’s very much a mind body and soul experience. So Kundalini Yoga has a set of exercises (kriya) and a meditation, for anything and everything  from hormonal, digestion, sciatica, anxiety, thyroid and even grief.
We will be using breath, mantra, mudra (hand gestures) and asanas (postures) as tools to allow you to raise your consciousness.

Classes are suitable for all levels. You will be tuning in with your energy and you will be working with that throughout.

Book HERE for ongoing sessions at the yurt.


Mats, blocks and blankets are available and you are welcome to bring your own. Please bring your own drink bottle (with lids) and hot water and herbal teas will be provided. No food in the yurt please.
I look forward to connecting with you.


Kundalini yoga is known as the “yoga of awareness” and the “yoga of experience” incorporating postures, breathing, mantras and meditation. It is like no other and everyone’s experience is different as we are all individuals. 

As one of my regulars says to new students "expect the unexpected"


 Classes are available in person 1:1 and via Zoom:

Zoom Weekly Timetable:

Wednesday 6pm

Thursday 10am

Meeting ID: 955 1639 7767

Meeting Passcode: 1234

Free Meditations can be found on my Facebook page

Weekly Kundalini Yoga In The Yurt

Tuesday 11am

Wednesday 11am

Venue: Souland @ Home Farm

Aldenham Road, Elstree, WD6 3AZ

Please bring your own mat and bottle of water

Contact me to reserve a space for these sessions


Kundalini Yoga in Greenford, Bushey and Harrow

David Lloyd (Greenford)

Friday 10.35 am

Sunday 8.05 am


David Lloyd (Bushey)

Sunday 4.10pm


Hartspring Lane Community Centre (Bushey)

Wednesday 10.00am


Harrow Arts Centre

Kenton Room

Tuesday 8.15 pm


£15 Drop-In     £10 Entire Term

Please bring your own mat and bottle of water

You can also book through MoveGb 




She is an advanced reflexology therapist (ART)and is able to use techniques which work very deeply achieving overwhelming results in a very short space and time.

There are reflex areas on the feet and by working on these the body’s natural equilibrium can be restored and maintained.

It is good for all stress related illnesses. PMT, menopause, constipation, sciatica, neck, back and shoulder pain, migraines, thyroid issues and much more.

£40/ 1 hour


Originating in Japan, Reiki means Universal Energy. This non-invasive, light touch treatment is designated to stimulate the body’s own natural healing potential.

It’s good for stress and tension. It allows us to respond more calmly to all eventualities. It can be used on all ages, including new born babies and is also very effective after surgery.

£40/ 1 hour    £25/ 30 minutes


An ideal stress buster treatment of the back, shoulders, neck , head and face. It helps to balance the chakras leaving you feeling totally energetic and refreshed.

It relieves congestion by stimulating blood and lymph flow. It has a soothing effect on nerves and relaxes muscles.

£25/ 30 minutes



1 hour session on Zoom

£50.00 for 5 classes

£15.00 Drop-in

£5.00 Trial session


1 hour session on Zoom or in person



Contact me for details

Yogi Bhajan

“This is a small window of a path of quality, friendship, giving and light/color. Today my feet and I rejoiced in retiring and being  grounded with your healing intuitive hands and healing light. I’m eternally grateful our paths crossed.”


“Mala really opened my heart and emotional centres. I know that she works with a deep integrity and her experience and expertise is observable in the fantastic results she has produced for me” 


“I close my eyes and Mala takes me to a kind of paradise and then I feel a healing from within, which I have never felt before. It is bliss, absolute wonderful bliss.” 


"There's nothing which can be more precious in you than your own relationship with your own consciousness"

Yogi Bhajan

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