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Blog: Chakras: What they are and their significance to our wellbeing...

Author: Guest Writer Kalpana

The vital life energy within us is known in vedic terminology as prana. Prana flows within our bodies through 72,000 lines of energies, known as nadis.

Chakra points are where those lines of energies meet. Whilst we have many chakras within us, there are seven main meeting points.

Chakras play a vital part in our emotional and physical wellbeing.

When Chakras are balanced it allows pranic energy to flow with ease within us creating an ambiance of vibrancy, joyfulness, peace and optimum within us.

Any blocks or imbalance in our Chakras impede the flow of pranic energy. The impact on our wellbeing dependent on where the block / imbalance manifests.

Our Chakras can become blocked or imbalanced from trauma we suffer, loss, heart ache or hardship. The manner in which our thoughts process these experiences creates blocks and imbalances.

Being mindful and directing positive thinking will ensure the experience makes less of a detrimental impact on your energies and reduces the blockage or imbalance to our energy flows.

Vedic wisdom provides holistic tools through yoga to regain balance and flow when we do fall into imbalance.

Yoga postures (asana) align our physical body and stretch our nadis back into place.

Yogic breathing (pranayama) increases the vibrancy of flow to dissolve blockages.

Yogic mantras are sounds of high vibrancy that resonate each the sound vibration of each chakra and bring healing and peace throughout.

The practice of Kundalini yoga is a dynamic combination of yogic postures, breathing exercises and mantras to raise your consciousness and your vibrational frequency to bring you to optimal health, greater clarity and peace.

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