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Blog: What is Kundalini…?

Author: Guest writer - Kalpana

Kundalini is a dormant force of divine energy situated at the root chakra. In its dormant state it presents as a coiled snake.

There is a great deal of mysticism, mystery and fascination over this invisible, yet potent energy.

Having read some interesting explanations of the origins of this energy force, one of the more endearing ones is that the kundalini energy transports the soul to the unborn baby and it is the kundalini energy that transports the soul out of the body at the moment of death. Between its duty of transporting the soul, for most people the kundalini will lie dormant at the root chakra.

The rise is from its dormant coiled form through each of the 7 main chakras along our spine to reach the crown chakra. This is the point where the female energy of the kundalini, known as Shakti has its cosmic union with the male Shiv energy situated at the crown chakra, bringing enlightenment and self-realisation.

Kundalini yoga is the practice of activating the kundalini energy. Breathing exercises, mantras and deep meditative kriyas, causes the kundalini to rise, not only benefitting the soul’s journey and evolution, but bringing real tangible benefits and enhancement to the life we lead, including:

i. Vibrancy of physical health through the combination of breathing exercises and yogic movement.

ii. Increase vitality of mood through the clearing of energy blocks and allowing a flow of vibrant pranic energy.

iii. As your kundalini rises past your heart chakra it starts to bring a stillness of the mind, known as a state of vipassana, where you have tranquility, clarity, perception, wisdom and insight of the truth and reality.

iv. By connecting you to your higher wisdom, allows you to be at your optimum potential and create a dynamic energy that dissolves the obstacles mentally and physically.

Kundalini is a potent force, its awakening and activation is best achieved through the integrity and careful guidance of a Kundalini Master. As an aspiring yogi, I always believed such an authentic master would be found in India, until the day I unexpectedly met my kundalini master – Mala Govan in a yoga class in Bushey. The quality and depth of her knowledge translates to the most mind blowing classes enabling a transformation for the student.

The kundalini journey is an experiential one; experiencing the positive and life enhancing difference it makes, allowing you to attaining your highest potential as well as the joy of realising your soul’s evolution.

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