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Blog: The Science of Wellbeing

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Author - Guest writer: Kalpana

The human mind, body and soul present the most complex instrument found on earth. The Ancient Vedic wisdom of Yoga is our instructions manual, giving us an understanding on the workings of this instrument and awaken within us the knowledge as to how to bring ourselves to our optimum potential.

Yogic wisdom prescribes that our bodies are made up of five layers, known as Koshas:

  1. The first is the physical body, known as the annamaya kosha, made of our physical body, the remaining four are subtle bodies.

  2. The second is the mental (mind) field, known as the manomaya kosha, a subtle body made up of the frequency of our thoughts.

  3. The third is the life force within us, known as the pranamaya kosha.

  4. The fourth is our inner intellect, known as vignanamaya kosha.

  5. The fifth is our bliss body known as anandamaya kosha.

Through the practice of yoga we can brings healing, balance and peace to the first three layers and enable you to operate your mind, body and spirit at your optimum potential and increasing the radiation of your inner divine light (ojas).

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic system of yoga combining:

  1. Physical postures to activate the physical body, thereby removing stagnant energy and create strength, good health and flexibility. (First kosha)

  2. Mantras to focus on the mind on sounds with a higher frequency to transcend your minds habitual narrative, distancing you from your thoughts and bringing you to a place of peace mental peace. (Second kosha)

  3. Yogic breathing to increase your vitality, life force, your prana to bring balance and healing to your chakras and all the lines of energy that run through you. (Third kosha)

The practice of kundalini yoga allows you to bring optimum health, vitality and a higher consciousness to the first three koshas which builds moment to master optimum operation of the fourth and fifth koshas, giving you an innate wisdom, clarity and inner blissfulness as you connect to your true essence.

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Blessed to have this information and a vibrant energy flow.

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